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Adroit: Measure, Monitor and Manage, your business, from anywhere, anytime.

Our vision is to make all devices connectable so they can be controlled from a single screen, from anywhere in the world – not just the ‘smart’ products of the future, but all sorts of existing devices and machinery people have invested in and still had valuable life ahead of them.

In the past 5 years Adroit has enabled all kinds of businesses, working to connect and integrate everything from industrial machinery to spa pools, microbreweries and public toilet facilities, to the Edge and to the Cloud, incorporating power management controls, human interaction, product usage reporting and remote control.


Adroit was created in 2014 by Ulrich Frerk, New Zealand’s leading Smart Building Installer, a visionary on connected devices and the potential for them to change our lives. He was frustrated at the inability of different devices to communicate with each other and set out to solve the connectivity and installation issues within existing home and building control systems.

Since then Adroit has been crafting a unique capability to create technology solutions for business.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is changing the world, with consumers and businesses not just expecting, but demanding 24/7 connectivity with everything, whenever it suits them and from anywhere. Businesses that can’t respond are being left behind, and like so much of their assets, are being replaced, or scrapped!

Adroit is the full-service solution to these IoT challenges, providing everything needed to bring a business into the next generation and perform at the cutting edge.

With Adroit as a partner businesses can:

  • Upgrade ‘dumb’ equipment to ‘smart’ and connectable

  • Integrate all kinds of devices and business units

  • Monitor machinery, costs and processes

  • Reduce costs and maximise productivity

  • Reduce energy usage

  • Store important Data in the Cloud

  • Secure data management using industry standard encryption

And much more…

Adroit is growing rapidly and has a valuable arsenal of its own devices and software built specifically to solve connectivity issues and is currently enabling devices across a broad range of industries. As the world is becoming connected and digital, Adroit is already one step ahead.

So, if you want your devices to become part of the future and not machines of the past, contact Adroit.

Your World. Smarter.


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