Adroit Engage Workshop


You're a company with great ideas, however, you find it hard to nail what you actually need, you have so many ideas that solve problems within your business, how do you get them out on the table, how do you ideat them?

Thats where we come in.

Adroit Engage is a workshop designed to bring out all details of a product, Allowing Adroit to fully understand your and your customer's needs.

It is a free-flowing workshop, but with some clear objectives:


The Primary objective of the workshop is to ascertain all the relevant information from the client, open discussions on security, function, Its a mini incubation that we use this to draw all the information out, and get the “must haves, and must not haves” which allows us to build a 2 page product spec sheet, which we can then be used for scoping the project costs and what technology can be used.


  1. The Problem - 1.5 Hours
    1. Question what the problem really is!
    2. Build a hyposisys
  2. The Idea - 1.5 Hours
    1. Why does it really exists
    2. What is the must haves
    3. Competition research
  3. Technology - 30 min
    1. Security
    2. Hardware
    3. Cloud
    4. App
  4. Data Sharing - 15 min
    1. Research
    2. 3rd Party Sharing
    3. Partnership
  5. Social Implications - 15 min 


Adroit will deliver a Product Specification that includes initial product design/conceptual drawings and details the following that will help consolidate the path of the product and where next

  • Design Brief
  • Background Information
  • Product Overview
  • Technology Overview
  • Product Specifications
  • Data Requirements
  • Social Implications & Considerations
  • Product Competition
  • Research
  • References