How we solve problems


Adroit solves problems by looking at people and gaining an understanding in the way we use technology in the world today. We have a passion for improving the way we work, live and play.

Design leads the art of uncovering hidden opportunities that are often over looked. When we make our challenge about what challenges people we find the most insightful experiences come from those we are designing for.

Our prototyping process lends itself to rapid development of products that is validated by our users throughout our design process.

Product breaking down? Is the problem the product or the user? Is it the consumables, or the maintenance?

In the past the manufacturer was unable to clearly see where the weak link in the chain was, they had to say ‘the customer is always right’, they wouldn’t know there was a problem until the device failed.

Adroit uses new technologies to help answer these questions, creating products that can report to the manufacturer how the product is being used, whether maintenance is being done or is needed, whether warranty requirements are being met and, most importantly, if the product is being used at all. Suddenly with all these questions answered, a manufacturer can adapt products, develop maintenance plans, and even talk to the user prior to a failure occurring.